Tell Congress: Oppose the College Affordability Act!

Independent cosmetology schools serve thousands of students across the country to help them learn the skills needed to work in an in-demand industry that is clamoring for trained workers. Unfortunately, the recently proposed College Affordability Act would have detrimental consequences for these educational institutions. 

Due to multiple damaging provisions seeking to limit students and veterans ability to attend cosmetology schools as their postsecondary education of choice, the legislation would decrease educational freedom and handicap the schools that provide much-needed instruction across the nation.

Limiting opportunities for education in this industry will have serious consequences for students, employers and communities.

Congress must do its part to prioritize policies that expand access and avoid ideologically-driven punitive proposals like the College Affordability Act that would have lasting consequences for cosmetology schools, graduates, employers and consumers.

Lawmakers must act in opposition to this legislation!


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